Why is the Divorce Rate so High

There are many reasons why we have such a high rate of divorce nowadays and no one person can realistically say that he or she can adequately answer that question. I will attempt to make some of my own observations about the situation and back them up with what I perceive to be fact.

The biggest reason that our divorce rate is skyrocketing is that social mores and values have changed dramatically in just the last few years. I know that things which were considered totally unacceptable when I was a child and even a teenager are perfectly fine now. Television has changed dramatically. When we did have a biblical moral standard things were kept in line. Some may beg to differ with me but the truth is just the truth. As we began to remove God from the picture things began to go south. There is very little morality expressed on the TV, and in the music industry. When an American President gets caught committing adultery while in the oval office, then lies about it to the country and there is no public outcry for him to be removed indications are good that we have a serious problem. We as a country have to get back to sound biblical principles. We need to allow our lives and our country to be governed by these principals.

Marriage is supposed to be a covenant agreement. Instead it is more of a contract. When people sign a contract they always add an exit clause. This ensures that they are not held liable for honoring their end if something goes wrong. A good example of this is the use of prenuptial agreements. If a couple is hedging their bets at the very beginning of a marriage then it is probably a good idea not to get married at all.

Family life is fractured at best. The modern family does not spend the time together that families did in the past. Technology has changed the way that we look at life. The information age that we live in has changed our mindset from normal speed to hyper speed. We are not mentally geared to the long term relationship because everything now is based on instant gratification.

The concepts of time and distance have changed dramatically. My father in law once told me about how he would travel from Hinesville to Waycross Georgia in the 1930s. He would have to travel for about three days to get there in a horse drawn buggy. We can make the trip now in less than two hours in an automobile. The average person can ill afford to waste six days traveling one hundred twenty miles. Easier travel equates to less closeness among family members. This also translates into the way we view relationships. Our viewpoint changes to the concept of if this relationship doesnt work out Ill just go to the next one.

Television and the entertainment industry stress free easy sex. The problem is that we should not get the idea that sex should be free and easy. Sexual intercourse is designed to be the consummation of a marriage relationship which is supposed to be a lifelong covenant. Sex should not be looked at as just a casual good time. I believe that this attitude has done more than any other thing to damage the concept of marriage making it the single biggest contributor to the high divorce rate. People are prone to marry more for sex than love. Sex is a by product of marriage. It should never take on a higher level of importance than the marriage covenant.

My last point is this, In modern times careers have taken priority over marriage. It seems that more often than not both parties in a marriage have to work just to make ends meet. This blurs the role between the breadwinner and the backbone of the marriage. When peoples roles in a situation are unclear it only leads to confusion. Riceland Enterprises

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