When A Sensitive Man Isn’t A Good Thing

Did you know that in many ancient cultures, the intense pleasure of sex was considered as a spiritual experience? For some men, that same intense pleasure is not a lasting or experience because it really is ‘too much’. Today, we’re taking a brief look at the role physical sensitivity plays in a man’s sexual experience.

Blind Euphoria and Frequency Sex has an extremely powerful physiological effect on the human body. While locked in the throes of passion, both men and women can become so excited that they quite literally lose control. For many, this is the fun part of sex. It’s the end goal. It’s the reason to get naked with another person in the first place. Some ancient cultures utilized this heightened state of pleasure as a means to commune with their deities, believing such an elevated level of joyful excitement to be a religious experience.

Adult males suffering from premature ejaculation, however, do not experience this blind euphoria as the light at the end of a sexually exciting tunnel. Rather, it’s the glaring headlight of a speeding locomotive right before it runs them over. The overwhelming level of ecstasy which the premature ejaculator experiences is so powerful that they lose all ability to mentally control their level of arousal.

For men who have their orgasms infrequently, whether by themselves or with a partner, it is much easier to slip into this state of blind euphoria and become incapable of managing their ejaculation. Increasing one’s ejaculatory frequency is often suggested as a means to combat this problem. With enough exposure, the penis may become desensitized to the sexual stimulus, therein giving the man power over when his orgasms take place. However, this solution is not a silver bullet.

Sensitivity Some men are so highly sensitive that frequency has no effect on their ejaculatory process. Whether they have an orgasm once a day or once a year, they will have just as much of a problem controlling their ejaculation.

Clinicians have tried delving into the question of sensitivity. Specifically, they have tried to figure out whether men suffer from premature ejaculation due to a simple case of hypersensitivity or whether it has more to do with other factors. So far, the studies are inconclusive. There are hypersensitive men who can last for hours, and there are men with dulled sensitivities who last only minutes. Most men fall somewhere in between.

For those who believe themselves capable of slowing down their sexual response cycle via desensitization, there are a number of products on the market designed to help them out. A plethora of topical creams exist which are capable of numbing the penis, and condoms are also reported to have desensitizing effects (in addition to their advertised benefits).

But sensitivity is not an exact science (which may explain why scientists have had so much difficulty studying it). Every penis is different. A cream that works for one man may be too strong for the next, or not strong enough for another. Some men swear by condoms in order to help them last longer in bed. Others struggle to find just the right brand in order to keep them from feeling too much (or too little). While the sensitivity of one’s member is an important factor to keep in mind, it is by no means the only variable in regards to achieving control over one’s climax.

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