More Sex = Better Health?

Not like we needed an excuse (although this might just be the kick in the pants some of us may need to get busier in the bedroom), but&hellip,having more and better sex can improve our health!

Think about this, ladies&hellip,having more sex with your husband or partner can reduce his risk of death! (So in addition to dragging him to the doctor, making sure he takes his medicine, cooking him healthy meals and working out together&hellip,drag him into bed, and youll be surprised how much it will benefit you both!)

Lets take a look at what the research says:
In what is known as one of the most credible studies correlating overall health with sexual frequency, Queens University in Belfast tracked the mortality of about 1,000 middle aged men over the course of a decade. The study was designed to compare frequency of orgasm and mortality in men of comparable circumstances, age and health.

The findings, published in 1997 in the British Medical Journal, showed that men who reported the highest frequency of orgasm enjoyed a death rate of half that of men in the lowest frequency group. As sexual frequency increased, risk of death decreased!!!
In a 2001 follow-up to the Queens University study, the researchers found that having sex twice or more a week was not associated with an increase in ischemic stroke but it was associated with lower risk of fatal coronary heart disease. Bottom line for men, sex does not increase the risk of stroke, but rather frequent sex decreases the risk of death from coronary heart disease!

Weve talked about how more frequent sex has been proven to benefit mens health&hellip,how does it benefit womens health?
While for men the issue is QUANTITY&hellip,for women it is QUALITY!
In a study of 200 female patients, 100 hospitalized for heart attack compared to 100 hospitalized for other diseases (control group), the researchers found that 64% of the heart attack group reported sexual dissatisfaction compared to 24% for the control group.
Dissatisfaction with your sex life can lead to both mental and physical health issues. Discuss this with your partner and work together to ensure you get the quality sex you NEED!
In the article Is Sex Just Fun? How Sexual Activity Improves Health Johannes Bitzer, MD cited several specific examples of research that confirmed the positive mental and physical health impacts of sexual activity for women.

Satisfying sexual activity may help:
Prevent painful sex by increasing vaginal lubrication and elasticity.
Increase the pleasurable feeling by improving the pelvic floor structure and function. This may also help prevent development of prolapse and incontinence.
Reduce the risk of depression through the increased release of oxytocin and dopmamine.
Improve body-related feelings of excitement, pleasure, and relaxation as well as have a positive impact on body image, thus preventing body image disorders.

Emmanuele A. Jannini, MD lead author of Is Sex Just Fun? How Sexual Activity Improves Health published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine wrote Sexual health correlates so much with general health that the former can be considered an efficient marker of the latter. &hellip,I am definitely sure that safe, frequent, and satisfactory sexual activity is not only fun, but also a powerful booster of health!

LEARN: The research is clear, the quantity and quality of sex* can have very significant and very positive effects on your health. The health implications are physical and emotional benefiting both men and women!
CHOOSE: Think about your current sex life in terms of quantity and quality. Is your current sexual relationship with your spouse or partner where you want it to be? What would you like to change or improve?
LIVE: Knowing the important role quality sex plays in your health, what is your goal for your sex life? What action steps can you take starting today to reach that goal? Put a plan in place, discuss it with your partner and start making it happen&hellip,for your HEALTH!

*For the purposes of this article we are defining sex or sex life as having sex in a committed monogamous relationship. (Studies have shown that a promiscuous lifestyle can negatively impact your health by significantly increasing the risk of contracting STDs.)

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Author’s Bio:

Michelle Meredith-Bowen has a degree in Psychology and is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and a Trained Wellness Coach. Michelle is the Founder of CoolLime Life a health and wellness coaching company dedicated to helping women FIND and LIVE their healthiest, happiest lives. Michelle co-authored the e-book Live Your CoolLime Life…5 Fundamentals To Unleashing the Healthiest, Happiest You! and the 90-day on-line coaching program CoolLimeU.

As a former healthcare sales manager, Michelle 12 years developing sales people and helping them leverage their strengths to achieve their personal best at work. Seeing firsthand the continuing decline in women’s overall health and wellness, she decided she wanted and needed to have a more direct impact on helping women make important health related changes.
She founded the health and wellness coaching company CoolLime Life with her business partner Marci Powell. offers a full range of wellness coaching services and products: a free daily newsletter, e-books, on-line coaching programs and one-on-one coaching services.

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